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Writing under pressure… It is very simple, on Thursday evening a word prompt is shared by Kate and on Friday we give ourselves 5 minutes to write.
5 minutes!!  And without a grammar check or editing we post whatever came to our creative minds…
This week’s word is NEW…
Ready… Set… Go…
MaddyChristine Hope Photography-3987.LThis week Jesus met me at the cross, in a new way.  Very unexpectedly.  Sure my Father had been telling me He was doing a new thing.  I was to enter into a new season of healing of which He has been showing me, is going to be different from all other seasons of healing I went through.  It is going to be deeper and it is not by my doing.  My Father has told me to walk and just show up…
I went to church Tuesday evening, to show up… Jesus had a plan for me.  I will spare you the details for now but Jesus took me personally to the cross.  
When Jesus hung at the cross and seemed to have died, people wanted to be sure.  And so they took a spear and poked it right into his side.  He didn’t budge and they knew He was ‘gone’.  
When I was crying out all my wounds on Tuesday: father wounds, rejection wounds, incest wounds, you name it wounds… I finally landed at mother wounds.  I have never really thought about me having mother wounds because wasn’t it my dad who abused me?  And God showed me that I had wounds way before I was ever abused, mother wounds.  At some point I was asked where Jesus was when I was being abused.  And I said: “He just stood there.  He did nothing!” and I sobbed.  My hands were pulled out in front of me by the pastor… would I fill my hands with my mother wounds, with my rejection wounds?  Would I walk to the cross and stick it right into Jesus’ bleeding heart?  Right there, where it belongs.  Right there… that is why Jesus died.  For my wounds, my aches, my hurts.  I am not alone.  He has felt it all.  He knows.  And right there, He shows me He never ‘just stood there and did nothing’.  THIS is what He is doing at the cross.  And I understood.  I felt it.  And I will never look the same at the cross.  Jesus took me to the cross and let me feel it.  My Heavenly Father, although it looked horrible, loved on me in a very sweet way.  
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4 comments on “5 Minute Friday… New

  1. Anita Ojeda

    Oh, MaddyChristine–I’m so glad you’ve experienced new healing and seen Jesus in a whole new way. May you continue to feel God’s presence as you explore your hurts and wounds and allow him to heal you.

  2. M and A's Mama

    “Right there… that is why Jesus died. For my wounds, my aches, my hurts. I am not alone. He has felt it all. He knows. And right there, He shows me He never ‘just stood there and did nothing’. THIS is what He is doing at the cross.”

    All I can say is, Amen!

  3. pourcettetemps

    may the Lord continue his healing in your life dear one…and thank you for sharing this revelation. I shall be pondering it for myself.

  4. rajan1987

    I just say God bless u and provide u path of enlightment…