‘Engageaversary’ is what a friend of mine calls it.  Anything I can celebrate I will.  Today it is two years ago that Tim asked me to marry him.  He had a friend of ours hiding in the bushes, taking photos as it all took place.  What a fond memory and what a happy time in my life.  Meeting Tim, our season of engagement, planning our wedding and our wedding day are the most dear memories of my life.  Don’t get me wrong… BEING married is wonderful but I especially look back to those days with very happy and warm feelings.  It was certainly my first taste of extreme joy in my life.

I had no clue what was about to happen.  For all I knew, we were loving the park574798_380657398642029_2075144074_n

And then he stopped 536081_380657251975377_1772208458_nAnd talked578973_380655141975588_1034685410_n

And dropped down564889_380657198642049_413205356_n540530_380657131975389_342281863_n577170_380655958642173_773032222_nYes, someone is following us, you really didn’t know?319881_380655721975530_440697732_n

548469_380648271976275_569377310_n383431_380651501975952_906810814_n538802_380637915310644_774393654_nCalling home and loved ones380352_380653368642432_213559916_n536419_380639295310506_2049969672_n
Party afterwards536393_380641818643587_1632686518_n301826_380640651977037_1294905292_n 301838_380640058643763_1009728546_n 581099_380640781977024_393648436_n The party continues
And we partied until the next day even


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4 comments on “‘Engageaversary’

  1. Robin Messing

    Maddy, Your engageaversary is so sweet, especially when you said it was the first time you really experienced joy. I know things are up and down and always changing, but how far you have come. It gives me great joy to see how happy you are in these pictures. lots of love to you!

  2. Alice

    FUN memories! 🙂 Even better that it is on camera — you get to re-live it vividly! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tarissa

    Oh, what a sweet remembrance and how wonderful to have all the photographs from the day!

  4. Light Love Hope

    This was so sweet, honey! I enjoyed looking through your blog. Thank you for sharing such a very special moment in your lives! Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!