5 Minute Friday… Whisper

Writing under pressure… It is very simple, on Thursday evening a word prompt is shared by Kate and on Friday we give ourselves 5 minutes to write.
5 minutes!!  And without a grammar check or editing we post whatever came to our creative minds…
This week’s word is WHISPER…
Ready… Set… Go…
MaddyChristine Hope Photography-2173.LLast week I spend my week with a very special crowd.  And some in this special crowd are having to go through life having to whisper about who they are.  They can’t be themselves in public and they cannot stand for what they believe.
Oh how painful if I couldn’t say the things that I want to say.  Without speaking the things that just need to come out, I would not get the chance to be who I truly am.
And I stand still and feel very blessed.  I may need to learn to bite my tong every now and then 😉 ,  but I am full of ideas and I am quick to speak my mind.  The other side to being able to speak out loud and not having to whisper is that although speaking about my past is not easy for everyone around me, I need it.  By speaking out loud healing came my way.  No more secrets, no more lies and finally being honest with myself and what happened to me and how it has made me feel.  And today I no longer just speak because it is good for me, I have the desire to speak so hopefully it’ll be good for someone else.
But what if you feel you hold a truth and your loved ones do not have that truth and speaking about it causes a serious break between you and your loved one?  What if you got hurt but you are to keep it indoors because that is where private stuff stays?  What if you are exuberant and outgoing but it just doesn’t fit your culture?
The very special crowd I was with last week are the Amish.  I have some very very dear Amish friends.  And over the years I have come to know them better and better.  I have come to realize that many of them feel they have to go through life whispering.  The Old Order Amish come with set of rules.  If you believe anything other than what the bishop teaches you are in the wrong.  I have some friends who have stepped away from those rules and awakened to the truth that Jesus sets free.  And talking about it gets them into trouble.
I am merely here today to have us think about the opportunity we have.  Unlike some others, we can speak truth without any consequences.  Let’s use our voice to encourage, to build up, to be ourselves and blossom, to do good to those around us.  Plain and simple: No whispering for us.
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One comment on “5 Minute Friday… Whisper

  1. Ruby Manchanda

    Interesting. I got to know about the Amish and I also like the idea about being able to speak your mind.