He watched us well

The boys were going at it yesterday.  I looked out the window and saw it all unfold.  It was ugly.  It was physical, words back and forth, and at some point the middle finger went up.  Of course I was excluded from the content of it since I was witnessing it all from a distance.

It was clear feelings got hurt because when we were all inside their faces said it all.  They refused to be in one area, and they were not speaking to one another.  It was serious.  And in the midst, I see boy 1 do something amazing.  He served his brother.  In the midst of anger, of: “I am not going to talk to him for a longggg time” he still did good.  He carried his brother’s laundry up from the basement to his brother’s room.

It was an amazing sight because have we not done just that with both boys?  We kept serving them even though we were so hurt, in the midst of anger, and definitely when they did not deserve to be served.  It made me quite proud of that boy.  He watched us well!  This is such an important attribute to life, we serve.  And when we serve those who deserve it the least, we love deeply those who need it most.


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5 comments on “He watched us well

  1. vicky

    “when we serve those who deserve it the least, we love deeply those who need it most” Ohhhh that is profound- quotable for sure- that just speaks to me on so many levels. YES! Such a beautiful story- thank you for sharing the glory shining through the grit! Those boys are so lucky to have you- so blessed indeed. Much love to you

  2. Becky L

    I love your writing style. Your words are firm, and true. So true. My son is just a toddler, and God is using him in my life to show me how he is watching all I do all day. I hope that I too can show my son how to love well even when it’s hard, just as Christ loves us!

  3. Sara

    Love this so much!! And those are words I try to live by! So many times in my marriage I could have dug in and been mad but I’ve always served my husband at those times. So glad your boys are learning how to fight and still love! Because no relationship is free of fighting.

  4. Gretch

    That is beautiful!
    On a side note I’ve been wishing to share mugs with you all week! It has been in the forefront of my mind. Your description of coffee for the heart brought peace to my craving, thank you! Still better in person! 😉 , G

  5. sarahgirl3

    What an amazing moment, and just when you all needed it!