WOW is all I can say

It is really really too bad that we cannot post any pictures because some very precious moments took place in our home last week.  Picture our boy, the one who locks himself in his room for days on end, setting up a little dining table IN A DOORWAY. Tim on the one side of this doorway, working in the office.  Me on the other side of the doorway, working in the kitchen.  And our boy in the middle, eating his food.  It portrays our boy’s heart… That day, and more and more, he just wanted to be close to us.  He was talking, cracking jokes, being a lot of fun, very happy and sitting in the middle of two rooms, in our presence. When we offered to take him to a friend’s house (since it was Spring Break) he replied: “No, thank you.  I just want to be home.”

WOW is all I can say!  Love may be painful, but it is totally worth it.  Love prevails, Love overcomes, Love wins.  What happens in our home is living proof of that.



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6 comments on “WOW is all I can say

  1. Elizabeth

    Love it!

    1. Melanie

      Hallelujah! We are so happy for your little family. Love is patient… you are living proof!

  2. Faith Brokopp (Mom B)

    Thank you Lord. You are answering my prayer that “the boy” Will learn the true love of a family! That is truly great to hear. Praise the Lord!

  3. David and Miriam Lapp

    You are conquering and climbing that mountain!
    Praise the Lord Jesus! In Christ we have access to a fountain of Love that can dismantle all walls of hurt and all strife and all manner of evil.

  4. Z Wolfe

    Love it!