No matter how bad, God always lets good come out of bad

MaddyChristine Hope Photography-8655Last week was a painful week for me, for more reason than one.  But when I look at the two pains, I see that out of both pains came good.

When my oma was not doing well and the end was near, with Tim being out of town, dad invited me to stay with them. “They were my family now too and I shouldn’t be alone” he told me.  That was good out of bad.  I had never experienced family like the way I was experiencing it that week.  When I had that emotional morning and was hurting over my sister rejecting me, I ended up sitting down with mom (MIL) and we had a long chat about my hurts, and life in general.  It was the first time we sat down like that, just the two of us for an hour of uninterrupted time, sharing back and forth.  I realize we are still getting to know one another and this was a very precious time that we closed with praying together.  What a blessing!  Again, good came out of bad.

Then this morning I realized it was the same with Jesus’ death.  Out of the horrible death on the cross came good.  And so I look to that and it’s healing for my soul.  Out of every bad, no matter how bad, God always lets good come out.

I remember going through counseling, dealing with my past of sexual abuse, people were always quick to say: “God will turn this into good, it will not be for nothing.”  I  H A T E  D  when people said that.  For one, I was in the middle of deep deep suffering, do you really think this is a message I want to hear right now?  If I could trade my life with someone who’s life wasn’t filled with that pain, I would trade it.  I would rather have a life that was easy and good without all the lessons than my life filled with abuse, pain and abandonment that somehow I would learn from and that at some point would turn into a blessing for others.  Forget the “God will turn into good”.

But looking at last week, in the midst of all of it… good came out of the bad.  God took care of it.  He took care of me.  I am still looking to see where my past of sexual abuse will turn into good.  Other than a documentary was made about my life years ago and that was a testimony.  I was on TV plenty of times sharing my story, counseling people and sharing the lessons I had learned. And I simply sat (sit) with people in church during ministry time. Some of it seems far away today though.  I hope it will somehow get more meaning in the now and future too. That is up to God.  My heart is willing.  But knowing that my life isn’t different from Jesus’ is a bandaid on my heart, it’s encouragement for my future.  His bad turned into good, my bad will turn into good, your bad WILL turn into good.

So in my opinion it’s better to let the bad be there, work VERY hard to heal and give it a place in your heart, even though you’d rather have something more beautiful in there.  And one day you will wake up and see that God has done good in it.

God bless our hurting hearts.  And bless God for His ‘system’ where He lets good come out of bad, always!

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What bad did God turn into good in your life?


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One comment on “No matter how bad, God always lets good come out of bad

  1. Alice B.

    Well said! The verse I hang on to that echoes your thoughts is… God works all things out for the good of those who love him…

    Thanks for sharing!