Another man who deserves to be listened to…

MaddyChristine Hope Photography-885467522Dad called me on Tuesday.  “Hey Maddy, I know you are dropping Tim off tomorrow.  I want you to know you can stay here as long as you’d like. It may be really good for you to be here when Tim is gone for the week.  With everything going on with your oma… maybe you need to stay with us until we know what is happening with her. This is a time you need to be with family.  Oh well… I just needed you to know you are welcome here for as long as you’d like.”


It’s a very sweet phone call but in my mind I had decided to drop off Tim, spend a day at mom and dads (sewing with mom) and return home.  It never really dawned on me to stay.  When I arrived in York dad kept mentioning it to me.  Oma’s situation was rapidly changing, me making calls throughout the day to get an update.  I was sewing when all of a sudden dad’s message dawned on me: Here is another man in my life who deserves to be listened to.  It’s only because he repeated his message several times that I woke up to the true meaning.  Dad wanted me here, my family wanted me here, I needed to be with family, I shouldn’t be alone as I wait for oma to pass while my husband is traveling the country for work.

Over the past two years I have been learning to follow my husband’s wise words and his good lead… I should follow his dad’s also.  It’s really a gift men have.  If we led them, they really are good at leading us so very well.  I went to having no men in my life to having two.

So I listened and I stayed, I am still here as a matter of fact and it is a very warm bath.  This bed of love I have just not grown up with.  In my mind I had no reason to stay.  In my mind I could not grasp what it would be like to stay, that it would be all about love.  It’s not that mom and dad are doing very special things now that I am here, it’s who they are that makes the difference.  They show me what family is like, you’re just together (especially when there are emotional things to deal with like waiting on your oma passing), you sew with your mom, you cook dinner together, you spend your time on the couch at night, there’s chat throughout the day… see, I guess nothing out of the ordinary.  But when people love well, you don’t need extra ordinary.  It’s just who they are!

And I can’t explain the following very well but I know my Heavenly Father is multiplying this love.  Through mom and dad’s love I feel His love going very deep.  It is very sweet, strong and solid.  I know people are praying for me, knowing it’s a little hard for me not to be home right now.  All that together causes me to be surrounded with powerful love.


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