Replenish my love

Father, I don’t want to go downstairs and face my day or boy without having prayed… I don’t want to attempt to do today in my own strength.  I am so tired and feel incapable and so Father, I open my hands so you can fill them.  I pray you will replenish my love for my boy on an ongoing basis today.  Let me not run out.  Give me the right words to say, help me give him the right direction for today as I have taken him out of school for the sole purpose of loving on him.  And Lord, give me the right eyes… when my boy looks me in the eye, help him see nothing but compassionate love.  And Father, I lift up our boy who is in darkness.  Will you open his heart and mind to the love that comes from his momma.  And I pray peace all over him, that he would not feel he needs to do anything with what he’s given, help him to only see and let it be.  Father, let Your will be done in our home today, You will be our faithful God.  Amen!


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Faithful in prayer

I have always wondered how that works: praying for people! People will ask me to pray for them, people will ask me to pray for a friend of theirs that I don’t know, or I know of a friend who needs prayer desperately. It has happened that the list was overwhelmingly long that I really didn’t know how to go about it. It seemed impossible to pray for everyone. I have always been sensitive to the fact that I never wanted to promise people I’d pray when I wasn’t sure I could. And I wondered if people would really pray when I heard them say: “I’ll pray for you” while passing me in the hallway. Would people really, really pray when they said they would?

And then I met Tim. And with him came his way of praying. Tim keeps a journal and he showed it to me in our early days. In there is a longggg list of people he prays for on a daily basis. And I got to see how he has his time with God during the day and he really, really prays for all those people faithfully. I was impressed, and love is written all over it. He would also bring many of those people before the Lord again in our night time prayer, adding more people to it as they would come to mind.

The wonderful thing about marriage is that now we can pray together. And it really is wonderful. It has an encouraging effect. So I find myself praying more than before. And we never promise to pray without fulfilling that promise. We actually follow through, and often right there on the spot.
Very regularly we get texts from people who need prayer and we do the fire safety thing like “stop drop and roll”. We stopwhatever we are doing, we dropto our knees (not always literally), and rollinto a time of prayer. And just this week I realized how it’s become a habit for us to pray for people. I love it! It’s who we are becoming. And of course there is the truth that praying for other people doesn’t just benefit the person for whom we are praying. It is very fulfilling, I have more time with our Lord and it builds my faith.
So… keep the prayer requests coming…