Happy with any response really…

I will continue to write about the time passed with our boy in our home (our Christmas together, transitioning etc).  It’s been 7 weeks and lots can happen in 7 weeks.  A roller coaster can take place right in your home.  I am used to roller coasters and that is helping me today big time.  I always hoped that my roller coasters weren’t for nothing, that they’d serve a purpose one day.

We currently have in our home a boy who is not ready to commit to us.  A lot is happening in his heart.  Lots of pondering and wondering.  Lots of fear.  Lots of fighting for his independence because really, he made it pretty much alone this far.  Why now, at the age of 14, allow parents in your life who will look over your shoulders and tell you what is best for you?

We are constantly trying to find the balance.  When and how much do we pursue him and when do we let him be?  We are believers that it’s good to let the boy come to us, when he is ready.  In the mean time we do lots of loving, being present and available when he calls on us.

Today our boy heard Tim and I talking about us hosting some people in April.  It ‘freaked’ him out.  He does NOT like to share anything.  I repeat: our boy does not like to share anything.  And the thought about sharing the bathroom, the living room, the hot water, the cabinets of food… it doesn’t make him happy.  Of course there is a why to that but that is besides the point right now.  He called loudly: MOMMMMM!  “Yes?” I said… “Are we going to have people stay with us?  I mean in our home. 1, 2, 3 people’s home?”  He smiled when he said it, knowing how silly he was being.  “You ARE kidding right?  You mean our home?” “Yes boy, we are going to have 3 extra people in our home and yes, we will share the shower, and the hot water, and the food, and the car.”  It was fun engaging with our boy over something so silly.  But oh my, any little response from this boy is better than none at all!  It is joy to my heart.

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