A full moment

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I love to sit in silence and what continues to happen to me is that I am deeply grateful for the things around me.  I can be in a total state of bliss just sitting in our home and looking around me and just be at peace.  This morning the world was barely awake, the house was empty, Tim taking our boy and his friend to high school and there it was, I was overtaken by things so little: a hot cup of tea, a delicious breakfast, and beauty all around me in our little home.  Sometimes it doesn’t take much…


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5 Minute Friday… Reach

Writing under pressure… It is very simple, on Thursday evening a word prompt is shared by Kate and on Friday we give ourselves 5 minutes to write.
5 minutes!!  And without a grammar check or editing we post whatever came to our creative minds…
This week’s word is REACH…
Ready… Set… Go…
MaddyChristine Hope Photography-0994All of a sudden it was gone.  One moment from the next.
Peace was gone.
My body was restless, so was my mind.
My face all tense, pressure on my heart, heavy legs, and a headache.
I pray.  It doesn’t help.
I try to get distraction and turn on a show on our computer.
But I can’t sit still.  I sit up, I lay down, I sit back up.
I get a drink of water.
We pray together, it doesn’t help.
I feel awful.  I can’t seem to get a grip.
We have found several houses now, finally.  Will we finally move?
I want to control but I can’t.  It is out of my hands.  And I lost peace.
My mind racing, my body pounding.  My head getting worse.
And that is when I start to reach.  I try to see…
Oh I need to see.
Ann being my inspiration for this.  I grab my journal and start jotting down things I see.
It is hard.  I see nothing.  I only feel… and I am not comfortable.
26.  Condensation on the outside of my cold glass of water
27.  Tea pot on a tea light
28.  The green of plants inside our home
29.  Glasses on my nose so I can read
30.  A delicate neckless around my neck
31.  Nightly sounds
After jotting down all the way to number 46 I sense it.  Peace is here.
I rest.  My mind rests.  So does my body.
I am not in control.  I don’t want to be in control.
I lay in my husband’s arms and I continue writing down what I see.
47.  Husband caressing my leg
48.  A haircut
49.  Peace at my disposal
4.14 am  I wake up.  It’s happening again.  Peace is gone.  Anxiousness taking over.  Mind racing.  I am tired.  
After battling for 30 minutes and get up an grab my journal.
If I don’t reach nothing happens.
55.  Moon light
56.  A wonderful mattress to sleep on
57.  I see our quilt and I realize I have come to love sewing
58.  White all around me: walls, sheets, quilt
59.  A hot body next to me
60.  The sounds of a sleeping husband
61.  A breeze through the open window
And there it is… I have reached and peace finds me once again.
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