How to move past anger

I really do not want to write this post!  Anger is a very difficult emotion to deal with.  And most of us know that anger is not something to hold on to.  It’ll make you sick, literally.  It’ll eat up all your energy.  Though there may be a VERY good reason to BE angry, Jesus has shown us what to do with it.  FORGIVE.

But what if you have been abused, if there was cruelty involved.  And I am not talking about something in the past, what about now?  Someone has treated you in a way that was extremely hurtful and it is costing you time, effort and energy to heal from it.  It was unfair.  It was unjust.

And then Jesus says: Forgive anyway.

I think we are not naturally wired to let go of anger.  And this morning I am wondering if Jesus says: Love!  Love this person. Reach out to this person.  Make the first step.  Keep reaching.  And maybe that is the only way to process this anger and be freed from it.


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3 comments on “How to move past anger

  1. sarahgirl3

    A family member of mine has let anger take over, and it has caused us all so much grief. If only we could let go easier!

  2. Ariete Pieterse

    Hello there, I love that you address this issue and I can certainly relate to this blog post Maddy… Sometimes things are extremely unfair and the notion to just let it go…seems ludicrous…Especially, if the person that provoked the anger in the first place is unrepentant and seems to get away with it over and over (as it is in my case). I haven’t mastered the art of instant forgiveness yet…but please see my blog regarding my own response to these feelings…However, I have to conceded having penned it in a blog post, I now find I have to practice it …. really not easy; but a character shaper none the less….

  3. sarahgirl3

    I hope to see an update from you soon!