Remember me writing about life having changed?  For more reason than one I just have not been able to write till now.  And it’s time.  I can’t wait to be here and tell all the stories and tell of all that is happening in the now because, boy, LOTS is happening.  Life is crazy.

On our first date, the day we met, Tim and I discussed lots of important topics right away.  And at some point in the conversation Tim asked if I wanted children.  I was affirming that desire 😉 .  He then asked me: “What about adoption? Would you ever consider adopting?”  And I shared with him how I have always been very interested in adoption, and foster care for that matter.  At some point in Holland I even got the foster care process going.  I was older, I was single, and I didn’t just want to wait around for a husband.  What if he never came?  And in the middle of that process God showed me I was walking ahead of Him, it wasn’t my time to care for children in that way just yet and so I had to let it go.

When Tim and I married we knew we wanted to look into foster care and adoption, and after 6 months of marriage we became curious about it and started to investigate.  I wanted to know the options and I wanted to get an understanding of the US system and oh my, what a system.  Very different from the system in Holland.  I found many websites portraying children who needed a family. This is going to sound crueI, but at some point I felt one can ‘just shop’ for a child on line.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, what a sad reality.  In that research we came across a boy, a boy who, for some reason, stood out.  There was just something about him.  Then we visited a good friend of ours and we told her about where we were at with all this. Our friend is a social worker and this is her line of work and crazy enough we found out this boy was in her case load.  We heard a bit about him and at the same time… we felt the timing wasn’t right.  We had only been married for 6 months and gone through so many changes: I had just made this big move across the ocean and we were learning to do life together. We needed time to build a good foundation together before adding to our family.  We let ‘it’ go.  At the same time this boy was always on our mind and we started to pray for him daily causing him to become part of our heart.

Last summer, we got a phone call… about this boy.  He needed a family, a forever family this time.  Did we want to pursue this?  Tim and I had started to look at agencies to pursue foster care and adoption, it was still on our heart.  We also knew the boy we were praying for had found his family so this phone call, a year and a half after learning about him, was not expected.  We were excited from the get go, but also concerned.  Now it was time to really figure out if we were sure about any of this.  This boy (but any child from the system) has such a past, did we really want to do this?  It is going to get very hard.  We have such a good life, a wonderful marriage… do we want to mess with all that goodness?

We decided to pursue this boy but we were also told that our chances to actually be matched with this boy were slim because:
1. We were out of State.
2. We had not completed our home study process or training yet.  We were not approved, and this boy needed a home fast.
3. Our house was too small to even pass inspection.

We moved forward anyways and we were curious to see where God would take us.  We firmly believed God would do what was best for this boy, and us.  To be honest, we were not sure we were the best for this boy (who were we to think that we would be the best) and we wanted the best for him.  Only God knew how to match this boy so we just trusted His plan and outcome as we moved forward.   In that sense we were very relaxed.

And then things moved crazy fast.  Within weeks we found a house, where we had been looking for a year without any succes.  Within weeks we found the perfect agency for us, an agency who was even willing to work with us and our weird situation of already having a child in mind.  Lastly, the required (and time consuming) home study usually takes about 3 to 6 months and we completed it in a month or so.  We believe God was all over this, opening doors to pave the way.  We also started to pursue this boy in bigger ways.  We were constantly in touch with the people who worked hard to find this boy a home.  We kept sending them more information about us, about where we lived, about what this boy’s life would look like once he moved.  We shared about having connected with what would be his school, we sorted out where he could play soccer and basketball, we had therapy lined up, and the list goes on.  We even got bold and started to tell them why we would be a good match.  We have no other children in the home and it seemed this boy would benefit from that.  No one in our home grew up in the States so even thought we are white, we all are a bit out of place.  The fact that Tim grew up in Africa was a huge plus, since this boy is originally from Africa.  The fact that we have a busy life was a good thing too, we are not the sit around home kind of people.  We were still okay for God to take ‘it’ all away, but slowly we started to believe we were the right match and we did want to do this.

And at some point we were asked to meet this boy’s team (guardian, social worker, adoption recruiter and so so).  They were ready to move forward with us and so we traveled to this boy’s state.  When the meeting was successful the team arranged for us to meet the boy that week.  But we were told to better be very sure, because there was no turning back after meeting him.  And we agreed, no child should go through a ‘check you out if I am sure’ process.  We were either in or out, and by this time we had been sure for a while.

The details of meeting the boy are for another time.  Let’s just say that after getting some time with the boy, the boy was sure too.  This boy is 13 years old, which means he gets a big say in moving forward and his yes is required.  A few weeks later we were officially matched.  And from then on we worked on getting to know one another, asking questions back and forth, building relationship.  And all this had to happen over Skype since we were too far away.  We even started starting family counseling, over Skype 😉 .  This was REALLY happening, the boy would move to PA to become our boy.

To be continued…

PS: We are not allowed to share our boy’s name or photos at this point.  It’s just the law 😉


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10 comments on “A BIG AND OVERDO REVEAL TODAY!   part one

  1. Cherryl Solvig

    Maddy, it was so good to read all the background that we missed earlier. Thanks for sharing it with us. We are very excited for you guys and look forward to one day meeting and embracing him into this huge extended family! Love, Cheryl

  2. Faith

    Maddy, it was great to go over the happenings again. I didn’t know that you had heard about “the boy” a year and a half earlier. That is so like the Lord “going before”! It is always amazing to me how God works to bring about His will. He “makes all the crocked places straight, and the mountains a pathway”. Thank you, Lord. May continue to bless your home and give you wisdom in mentoring him in the ways of the Lord. And may somehow “the boy” comes to know the love of a big family. Blessing on you and Tim, and prayers for each day! Mom “B”

  3. Elizabeth

    Just like Faith, I’ve learned something new also. I hadn’t realized that you’d picked him out even before you’d heard about him. Yet another confirmation that God has been in this from before day 1. Love it!!!

  4. Vicky


    So beautifully written and I am so glad you are able to tell us about how all of this came about. I look forward to getting to know more about him, as you are able to when its allowed. In the meantime I pray you enjoy your time planting the seeds of a new family!! Much love to you!

  5. Robin Messing

    Wow, Maddy…so glad to hear the details behind this adventure. Sounds like this boy had been destined for you and Tim right from the very beginning, even though you didn’t know it yet….but then, a lot of your life has worked like that. Sounds like a strong and stable foundation is happening and I hope it continues to proceed like that. Keep me posted, I’m always so excited to hear from you! love, Robin

  6. Angela

    Congratulations to your new family! God’s hand has really been in the timing and provisions, and He’ll be in the relationship as well. I’m so happy for you!

  7. mar en paul

    Lieve Maddy en Tim,wat mooi dat deze”zoon” op jullie pad komt.We hopen dat het voorspoedig zal verlopen en hij en jullie een goede toekomst tegemoet gaan.Met de Vader aan jullie zijde en Zijn grote liefde in jullie heb je alles wat je nodig hebt.Dikke knuffels,mar en paul,XX!

  8. Margreet

    Hey lieverd,
    I smile when I read this story. I love adoption, it’s messy and challenging (as parenting is anyway) but it’s Gods heart and if anyone can do it, it’s you! With the help of your husband, who I don’t know, but from your stories, and he sounds like a wise and godly man. If anyone understands the place of brokenness it’s you, if anyone has experienced what Gods redeeming love can do it’s you! He’ll make beauty out of ashes and I can’t wait to hear how the story of this young man’s life is going to unfold.
    When I read your update “Alive and well” I thought you were going to tell us your expecting 🙂 Well in a way you were! I know i never left a response before, but I’ve been reading your blog and it feels good to be in touch that way. I know a lot has happened between us and one day I hope we can talk face to face, for now I just wanted to let you know that I deeply care about you, love you sweet friend

    1. MaddyChristine Hope Brokopp

      Hi Margreet!! I had no idea you were reading. Your words were pretty amazing to read because there are some topics unfolding about this part of our journey, things God has been speaking to us. I have not written about them but you mention each and every one (adding another story of redemption to our family, beauty out of ashes, I am the right fit for this boy because of my brokenness). Very powerful. I remember you as a person hearing from God and speaking His wisdom… it has remained I see 😉
      Much love to you.