Burkina Faso

Map Burkina FasoFinally, F I N A L L Y, Tim and I are traveling to the place he calls home, the place where his heart is, the place where he grew up.  Finally, Tim gets to show me his people and his work.  His true home is Gabon but Western Africa in general is where he grew up.

We are going for Tim’s missionary work.

In short: Tim’s parents were missionaries in Gabon and so that is where he grew up.  When Tim was 14 they decided it was time to move back to the States to take care of mom’s parents who were getting really old.  It was quite the adjustment for Tim, going from the jungle to American High School.                   Tim’s heart was really for and with the African people.  After college he decided to move back to Gabon to serve among his people, his family really. Some years later Tim returned to the States and it eventually led to Amoveo Group.  Although we live here, Tim’s heart continues to be there.  When Tim’s work for another organization came to an end at the beginning of last year he started looking for ‘regular’ jobs.  He applied everywhere and my heart was breaking.  I could not see Tim being happy and content in a job that would ‘just’ supply for our family.  Tim wants to do good.  Tim needs to do good.  He needs to make a difference.  It is his calling.

DSC_0594-300x198Fast forward to Robert.  Robert is Burkinabé and as a local he tries to make a difference in his country.  Any donation is celebrated so when a company donated a lot of money for thousands of mosquito nets, he was thrilled.  He was going from village to village handing out these mosquito nets.  One day he handed out the nets to a father and something happened that changed him forever.  The father accepted graciously but as Robert walked away he saw the daughter walk up to her dad, tucking his sleeve and asking the following question: “Père, père (father), have you told this man we haven’t eaten in a few days?” All Robert could think of was what was the point of handing out mosquito nets to prevent malaria if they died of hunger? Robert started to look for a different way.

Around April last year Tim crossed paths with an old friend, colleague and former boss (while in missions in Gabon) and their hearts connected over the same issue:  in order to really change a country, organizations need to work together!! Around that time Tim made a trip to Burkina Faso and encountered his old friend Robert.  Tim heard Robert’s story and realized that their hearts were convicted in the same way.  Tim came back and started started Amoveo Group with his friend Matt.

Amoveo Group is inviting organizations to come sit around the table to solve complex problems together.  There is no point working on one need, when all the needs must be addressed at the same time in order to make sustainable change.  What good does medicine do if people get sick because of drinking dirty water.  What good does food do without any water around.  What benefit does schooling have if children die of hunger.  Amoveo doesn’t work on one need; it addresses all needs by focusing the efforts of lots of organizations.

And THAT is why we are going to Burkina.  It was quite the investment but we are finally going.  There are organizations traveling with us and Tim is helping them see and understand Burkina Faso’s needs.  They also will meet with organizations who are already working in Burkina.  And very exciting, it’s time to get started on projects while we’re there like an agriculture school.  My role in it all…I hope to come home with photos and video.  We are in desperate need for that.

Now some of you know we are able to do this work and traveling because family and friends support our work.  We are able to get started on a agriculture school because of organizations, but also because of people like you supporting particular projects like this.  Tim and I are personally in need of more support.  We are just not making it on a monthly basis.  And to explain, Tim works on the side coaching soccer and I work hard keeping my business in Holland going.  But it’s still not enough.  If you go HERE you’ll see many different ways you can support us.  Of course one could donate money, but some may not be able to give in that way.  Well, no problem… do you know you can actually DONATE THINGS too?  There’s an organization who set up a website page for us: donated goods are given, then sold and the proceeds go to us, to whatever place you assign your product to.  We just love this little feature on our website.  In advance, thank you for helping us do the work we long to do!

Hopefully I am able to update a photo here and there but we are in the bush bush and slums so I am not sure how much internet access I’ll have.  If it is quiet for a bit… you now know why!


I love that you are here and I certainly love to here from you.  To leave a comment go HERE !


3 comments on “Burkina Faso

  1. Carlijn

    O i love africa. Have been there many times. The continent stole a piece of my heart. Bless you as you prepare for the trip and move on to something new.

  2. Stephanie

    I’m so jealous! I can’t wait to go back to Africa! Have a blast! Miss you both! Love Steph

  3. Vicky

    Oh Sweet friend- I am so happy to read about all of this finally! So happy for you and your husband Tim. It seems you have been called to do a mighty big and important job and I am just humbled that you are living so intentionally and with such compassion for others. God’s blessings to you as you travel and do His work!!